120107TA – Pat Hiban Interview

January 7, 2012 Top Agent Interview with

Pat Hiban

Running Time: 1:27


Pat Hiban is with Keller Williams Realty in Columbia, Maryland.  Last year, he closed 209 transactions With a total sales volume of 63 million.  His average sales price was 303 thousand of which 24 % were buyers and 76% were sellers.  He operates a team with 14 members:  3 SOI Agents, 3 Lead Call Agents, 6 Staff Members, and 2 Managers.

Pat Hiban is the team leader of The Pat Hiban Real Estate Group.  He has been an agent for 24 years and works the central Maryland market between Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Pat is a Billion Dollar Agent.  He has sold over 5,000 homes worth over $1 billion in his career.  In his best year (2005), Pat sold 508 homes worth $208 million, grossed $5.4 million in commissions, and managed 54 team members.  This was no fluke.  Pat sold over 500 homes a year for three years in a row.

This interview will focus on three major topics:  Pat’s current production, Pat’s hyper volume years, and Pat’s new book titled 6 Steps to 7 Figures: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating your Own Destiny.

Pat is a chameleon.  Over the years, he has adapted to the changing markets.  For most of his career, Pat has been a traditional agent.  He mastered traditional marketing and team dynamics to build a hyper-active real estate practice.  Then the recession hit and traditional methods stopped working.  Pat had to choose between downsizing or financial ruin.  Pat describes the gut-wrenching decision to let go of 22 of his team members in one year (5 in one day).  During the darkest days, Pat saw opportunity in REO.  He had the courage to stop doing everything that made him successful and switch to focusing solely on two things, REO and SOI.  It paid off.

Listen closely as this industry icon lays out his success formula in 6 Steps to 7 Figures.

2010 Stats:

  • 209 closings
  • 63 million sales volume
  • 303 thousand average price
  • 24% buyers and 76% sellers
  • 14 member team:
    • 3 SOI agents
    • 3 lead call agents
    • 6 staff members
    • 2 managers


  • REO – Real Estate Owned
  • SOI – Sphere Of Influence

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