120321TA – Lindsay Sanger Interview

***Released Date: March 21st***

March 21, 2012 Top Agent Interview with

Lindsay Sanger

Running Time: 1:06


Lindsay Sanger is with Re/Max Elite in Melbourne, Florida.  Last year, she closed 166 transactions with a total sales volume of 13 million.  Her average sales price was 79 thousand of which 10 % were buyers and 90% were sellers.  She operates a team with 4 members:  1 buyer specialist, 1 field specialist, 1 personal assistant, and 1 team leader.

Lindsay Sanger is the team leader of the Lindsay Sanger Group.  She has been an agent for 7 years.  She works the Brevard County market.

Lindsay started as a traditional agent.  Then her market shifted downward.  The homes that were selling were REO and short-sale.  So she switched gears and aggressively pursued REOs.

This interview focuses on how Lindsay developed and maintains her REO business.

Lindsay first educated herself.  She searched the internet.  She took all the REO courses she could find.  She watched webinars.  She attended conferences.  She added certifications.  She learned how to speak the REO language.

After she immersed herself in the industry, she applied to banks and asset managers.  Her efforts paid off.  She now has relationships with 4 asset managers, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.  They hand her REO assignments month after month.

Lindsay’s biggest piece of advice:  follow protocol.  Search for each banks process and follow it to the letter.

2010 Stats:

  • 166 closings
  • 13 million sales volume
  • 79 thousand average price
  • 10% buyers and 90% sellers
  • 4 member team:
    • 1 buyer specialists
    • 1 field specialists
    • 1 personal assistant
    • 1 team leader


  • REO

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