130307TA – Daniel Keltner SUCCESS CALL

March 7, 2013 SUCCESS CALL with

Daniel Keltner

Running Time: 1:19


Daniel Keltner is with Re/Max Crossroads Properties in Strongsville, Ohio.  Last year, he closed 298 transactions with a total sales volume of 22 million.  His average sales price was 73 thousand of which 10% were buyers and 90% were sellers.  He operates a team with 15 members:  2 asset managers, 1 contract closer, 1 contract negotiator, 1 accountant,  4 buyer agents, 2 field runners, 2 BPO/MMR virtual assistants, 1 call center virtual assistant, and 1 team leader.

Daniel Keltner is the team leader of the Crossroads REO Team.  He has been an agent for 14 years.  His works in two markets: Metro Cleveland and Metro Chicago.

In this call, Daniel talks about:

  • The WORST first year of real estate production ever recorded
  • Virtual assistants (VAs) in detail
  • How he went from breakeven to profitably by outsourcing to VAs
  • His entire process of finding, hiring, training, and utilizing VAs
  • Where do you find VAs
  • Which countries have the best labor pools
  • His experience with 3 major outsourcing companies and what to avoid
  • How to post jobs, screen applicants, and negotiate agreements
  • How much to pay…you’ll be surprised by the low cost
  • His quick and easy training system
  • The cheap internet tools to make it all work
  • Which tasks a VA can do well, and which ones they can’t
  • How his REO business works
  • The best approach to getting into the REO business
  • His team, his profitability, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 298 closings
  • 22 million sales volume
  • 15 member team:
    • 2 asset managers
    • 1 contract closer
    • 1 contract negotiator
    • 1 accountant
    • 4 buyer agents
    • 2 field runners
    • 2 BPO/MMR virtual assistants
    • 1 call center virtual assistant
    • 1 team leader


  • virtual assistants
  • REO
  • short sales

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