130321TA – Patrick Tuttle

March 21, 2013 SUCCESS CALL with

Patrick Tuttle

Patrick Tuttle

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Patrick Tuttle is with RE/MAX Real Estate Group in El Paso, Texas. Last year he closed 71 transactions with a total sales volume of 12 million. His average sales price was 169 thousand of which 41% were buyers and 59% were sellers. Plus Patrick manages 136 rental properties generating 184 thousand per month in rents. He operates a team with 8 members: 2 buyer specialists, 1 listing & sales manager, 1 rentals manager, 1 part-time marketing assistant, 1 part-time bookkeeper, and 1 team leader.

Patrick Tuttle is the team leader of the Patrick Tuttle Homeselling Team. He has been an agent for 11 years. Patrick runs a dual-operation splitting his time between sales and property management. Often one feeds the other creating synergy and profits.

In this call, Patrick talks about:

  • A real estate coach who told him to quit the business
  • How he modified his business model to focus on his strengths
  • Working in a market where 80% of the population is Hispanic and speaks Spanish as a 1st or 2nd language
  • Doing business with military personnel from an expanding Army base
  • Moving to a town where he only knew his wife and generating 85% of his business by repeat and referrals from his sphere-of-influence and past clients
  • How he does business without making any prospecting calls
  • Personally selling 66 homes while he manages 136 rental properties for others
  • How his property management business doubled last year by referrals after he structured it to be more landlord friendly
  • His step-by-step system for filling a vacant property
  • Tenant screening process without credit reports
  • Rental collection schedule and system with dates and actions
  • Automating electronic rent collection and landlord payments
  • Property management software to keep running smooth
  • How to avoid midnight calls for plumbing issues
  • Team structure, profitability, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 71 closings
  • 12 million sales volume
  • 8 member team:
    • 2 buyer specialists
    • 1 listing & sales manager
    • 1 rentals manager
    • 1 part-time marketing assistant
    • 1 part-time bookkeeper
    • 1 team leader


  • property management
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence