130421TA – Buckley Jolley

April 21, 2013 SUCCESS CALL with

Buckley-Jolley Team

Buckley Jolley

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Todd Buckley and Karen Jolley are with The Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team in Brighton, Michigan. Last year they closed 194 transactions with a total sales volume of 40 million. Their average sales price was 208 thousand of which 44% were buyers and 56% were sellers. They operate a team with 10 members: 1 client service manager, 2 part-time client service administrators, 1 finance coordinator, 3 buyer specialists, 1 listing specialists, and 2 team leaders.

Todd Buckley and Karen Jolley are the team leaders of The Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team. Todd has been and agent for 16 years and Karen for 13 years. Together they have sold over 1,000 homes.

In this call, Todd and Karen talk about:

  • a real estate agent partnership that’s worked for 8 years
  • how to set up a partnership
  • who does what and who gets paid what
  • what to do when one partner is ready to retire
  • how to value a real estate practice (a real life case study)
  • how to pay the exiting partner over time
  • the golden key to partnership success, mutual respect
  • how to go from 25 to 40 million in one year
  • finding the right team members with a human resource consultant
  • team core values, daily team huddles, and 5 dial tracking
  • profit bonuses to team members
  • team dynamics and compensation
  • marketing to your past clients and sphere of influence, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 194 closings
  • 40 million sales volume
  • 10 member team:
    • 1 client service manager
    • 2 part-time client service administrators
    • 1 finance coordinator
    • 3 buyer specialists
    • 1 listing specialists
    • 2 team leaders


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence
  • geographic farming
  • 1st time buyer
  • short sale