130521TA – Patrick Lilly SUCCESS CALL

May 21, 2013 SUCCESS CALL with

Patrick Lilly

Patrick Lilly

Running Time: 1:42


Patrick Lilly is with The Corcoran Group in New York, New York.  Last year he closed 71 transactions with a total sales volume of 85 million.  His average sales price was 1.2 million of which 39% were buyers and 61% were sellers.  He operates a team with 9 members:  4 point people, 1 rental specialist, 1 part-time telemarketer, 1 lead coordinator, 1 group manager, and 1 team leader.

Patrick Lilly is the team leader of The Patrick Lilly Group.  He has been an agent for 29 years.  Patrick works Manhattan and Brooklyn.  He has increased his business every year for the last 7 years…even through the Great Recession.

In this call, Patrick talks about:

  • Coming to terms with a career as a real estate agent
  • Using your mindset to “control your reality” and win when everyone else is losing
  • How to sell homes in a market with no MLS and no lockboxes
  • How he double-ends 20% to 50% of his transactions
  • Deliberately increasing your average sales price
  • His super successful expired listing program
  • A part-time telemarketer who brought in and additional $550 thousand in GCI
  • How to screen telemarketing applicants without talking to them
  • Effective telemarketer compensation
  • His follow up program for past clients and sphere of influence
  • Listing process and the power of positioning the property
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 71 closings
  • 85 million sales volume
  • 9 member team:
    • 4 point people
    • 1 rental specialist
    • 1 part-time telemarketer
    • 1 lead coordinator
    • 1 group manage
    • 1 team leaders


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence
  • expired listings
  • luxury homes

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