130707TA – Nate Martinez SUCCESS CALL

July 7, 2013 SUCCESS CALL with

Nate Martinez

Running Time: 1:25


Nate Martinez is with Re/Max Professionals in Glendale, Arizona. Last year, he closed 155 transactions with a total sales volume of 16 million. His average sales price was 108 thousand of which 24% were buyers and 76% were sellers. He operates a team with 5 members: 1 transaction manager, 3 buyer agents, and 1 team leader.

Nate Martinez is the team leader of the Nate Martinez Team. He has been an agent for 28 years and sold over 5,000 homes in his career. In his best year (2010), Nate sold 616 homes worth $68 million. He works the Metro Phoenix market.

In this call, Nate talks about:

  • Selling 34 homes in his first year…as a part time agent
  • Transitioning back from REO agent to traditional agent
  • Upsizing, downsizing, and re-tooling his team
  • Farming multiple neighborhoods and price ranges with direct mail
  • High-end, glossy, jumbo-sized, just listed postcards that work
  • Cheap mailing cost using USPS Every Door Direct Mail
  • High-end, glossy, personalized, direct mail, neighborhood brochures
  • How to get top quality photos of your listings
  • Pre-MLS marketing and open houses
  • Past client and sphere of influence newsletter
  • Weekly inspirational email campaign
  • Working with your spouse and children
  • Team dynamics, profit margins, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 155 closings
  • 16 million sales volume
  • 5 member team:
    • 1 transaction manager
    • 3 buyer agents
    • 1 team leader


  • repeat & referrals
  • sphere of influence
  • geographic farming
  • REO

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