140221TA – Drew Johnson

February 21, 2014 SUCCESS CALL with

Drew Johnson

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Drew Johnson is with Touchstone Realty in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Last year he closed 349 transactions with a total sales volume of 34 million. His average sales price was 98 thousand of which 20% were buyers and 80% were sellers. He works with 1 personal assistant and has been an agent for 10 years.

In this call, Drew talks about:

  • How a visit to the county courthouse was the seed of his success
  • His courthouse investor program that results in 120-130 closings per year
  • Why his model works in up and down markets
  • How he expanded into multiple real estate related businesses through partnerships including brokerage, property management, and construction
  • Building slowly but surely by focusing on production not commission
  • His belief that there‚Äôs no such thing as a real estate emergency
  • His time management principal of why do something today when you can get someone else to do tomorrow
  • What happens in his typical day
  • Plus delegation strategies, profit margins, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 349 closings
  • 34 million sales volume
  • 1 member team:
    • 1 personal assistant
    • 1 team leader


  • Investors
  • Sphere of influence
  • REO
  • Geographic farming