140421TA – Linda Craft SUCCESS CALL

April 21, 2014 SUCCESS CALL with

Linda Craft

Running Time: 1:32

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Linda Craft is with Linda Craft & Team Realtors in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Last year she closed 356 transactions with a total sales volume of 88 million.  Her average sales price was 247 thousand of which 53% were buyers and 47% were sellers. She operates a 19 member team:  8 buyer specialists, 2 seller specialists, 1 listing manager, 1 buyer closing manager, 1 seller closing manager, 1 marketing manager, 1 director of first impressions, 1 short sale manager, 1 client care specialist, 1 accounting manager, and 1 team leader.

Linda Craft is the team leader of Linda Craft & Team. She has an agent for 29 years and has sold over 6,000 homes in her career.

In this call, Linda talks about:

  • Her slow start in real estate
  • Her 6,000 past client database and how to develop life-long relationships
  • Putting on events for her past clients & sphere of influence
  • Detail discussion of her Valentine’s Day Movie Event, Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway Event, Shredding Event, and Santa Claus Day Event, including costs
  • How she gets people to the events with her step-by-step marketing plan
  • Why she partnered up with a major sports franchise
  • How she landed a expert slot on a local TV station
  • Why she sends video emails and how you can too
  • How she attracts free SEO internet leads to her website
  • Getting clients from walk-in traffic
  • How she advertises with a moving van…for free
  • Using audio tours to get more leads from sign calls
  • Why she sets listing appointments in her office and how you can too
  • Plus team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2013 Stats:

  • 356 closings
  • 88 million sales volume
  • 19 member team:
    • 8 buyer specialists
    • 2 seller specialists
    • 1 listing manager
    • 1 buyer closing manager
    • 1 seller closing manager
    • 1 marketing manager
    • 1 director of first impressions
    • 1 short sale manager
    • 1 client care specialist
    • 1 accounting manager
    • 1 team leader


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence
  • internet leads

To listen to the ENTIRE call, click here:   Linda Craft SUCCESS CALL