140821TA – Leslie McDonnell SUCCESS CALL

August 21, 2014 SUCCESS CALL with

Leslie McDonnell

Running Time: 1:24

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Leslie McDonnell is with RE/MAX in Libertyville, Illinois. Last year she closed 219 transactions with a total sales volume of 75 million.  Her average sales price was 342 thousand of which 39% were buyers and 61% were sellers.  She operates a team with 8 members:  3 buyer specialists, 1 closing manager, 1 listing manager, 1 social media manager, 1 admin staff, and 1 team leader.

Leslie McDonnell is the team leader of the Leslie McDonnell Team.  She’s been an agent for 28 years and works the Northern Illinois market.  Leslie sold 3,374 homes worth $1.7 billion in her career…making her a Billion Dollar Agent.

In this call, Leslie talks about:

  • Starting part time while she waitressed and selling 44 home her first year
  • Generating her business from geographic farming, past clients, sphere of influence, and orphan clients
  • How she achieves a super high 71% net profit margin
  • Why she always gets every client’s birthday during the transaction
  • Her monthly marketing plan to her sphere of influence
  • Monthly giveaways to her past clients
  • Past client Thanksgiving Pie Day and Christmas Party
  • How she picks her geographic farm areas
  • Why she includes a call-to-action in every marketing piece
  • Direct mail campaign to her geographic farm
  • How systematizing her business tripled her production
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2013 Stats:

  • 219 closings
  • 75 million sales volume
  • 8 member team:
    • 3 buyer specialists
    • 1 closing manager
    • 1 listing manager
    • 1 social media manager
    • 1 admin staff
    • 1 team leader


  • geographic farming
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence
  • orphan clients

To listen to the ENTIRE call, click here:    Leslie McDonnell SUCCESS CALL