SAW010: Digital Marketing Referral Based Practice, Fairy Godmother Realtor, Averaging 2 Closings Per Month For The Last 10 Years

Solo Agent Sherrie Brenner shares: how she sold 12 homes her first year, 25 homes her second year, and has averaged 2 homes sold per month for the last 10 years. Learn about her digital marketing referral based real estate practice (90% of her business is by referral) with monthly e-newsletter, website articles, Facebook posts, and digital cards. Hear her favorite referral script: “Fairy Godmother looking for more Cinderellas to help.” Why you should ask your vendors for service coupons to send to your past clients and sphere of influence. Find out how she gets 3 closings per year from her free posting on Goggle My Business. Sherrie is with Berkshire Hathaway in Freeport Maine who sold 29 homes last year worth 10 million and earned 288 thousand in GCI. – go here to nominate a solo agent (yourself or someone else) who you think we should interview for a future episode.