SC004: McDaniel Callahan. Being A Tight Knit, Multi-Generational Family Operation. Working The High-Priced Market. Door Knocking. Keeping Good People Away From Bad Brokers. Forging Ahead Through A Recession. Using Predictive Analytics To Find People Who Are Most Likely To Move Next.

McDaniel Callahan

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The McDaniel-Callahan Real Estate TEAM with J. Rockcliff Realtors in Danville, California. The team leaders are: Terry McDaniel (father), Greg McDaniel (son), and Chris Callahan (friend). They work the San Francisco East Bay area. In 2005 they posted their best year when they closed 54 transactions with a total sales volume of 77 million. Their average sales price was 1.4 million, of which 35% were buyers and 65% were sellers. They operate a team with 7 members: 1 office manager/agent, 1 door knocker, 2 buyer specialists, and 3 team leaders.

This is a tight-knit, multi-generational family operation. Terry McDaniel is the father who has been in the business for 38 years. Over ten years ago, he was joined by son Greg McDaniel and business partner Chris Callahan. The three are principals in the McDaniel Callahan Real Estate TEAM. They work the high-priced market in the San Francisco East Bay area.

Terry built his business by door-knocking and creating lasting relationships with the people he met. Door-knocking has always been easy for Terry. He believes he is on a mission to “keep good people away from bad brokers.” Terry knows his clients will be protected in his care. Terry taught Greg and Chris how to door-knock and prospect. Now they are just as comfortable knocking on the door of a 400 thousand dollar home as the door of a 3 million dollar home. Surprisingly, the more expensive homes may be easier. Over the years, they have knocked on thousands of doors themselves, and hired teams of door knockers to do the same.

The McDaniel Callahan Team was taken off guard by the severity of the current recession. But they have regained their balance, restructured their operation, and are forging ahead through determination, persistence, and belief in themselves. Listen carefully to how they are using predictive analytics to find people who are most likely to move next.

2005 Stats:

  • 54 closings
  • 77 million sales volume
  • 1.4 million average price
  • 35% buyers and 65% sellers
  • 7 member team:
    • 1 office manager/agent
    • 1 door knocker
    • 2 buyer specialists
    • 3 team leaders


  • Door Knocking
  • Referral

(originally published on 02/21/11)