SC022: Tom Rubens. How Having A Diverse Background Helps In Real Estate. Closing Over 300 Homes Per Year. REO’s. Discovering The Fastest Way To Increase His Client Base Is To Attend Industry Conferences.

Tom Rubens

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Tom Rubens with TREO Realtors in West Chester, Ohio. He works both the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio market and the Chicago, Illinois market. Last year he closed 317 transactions with a total sales volume of 21 million. His average sales price was 66 thousand of which 10% were buyers and 90% were sellers.

He operates a team with 14 members: 1 REO office manager, 1 offers coordinator, 1 transaction coordinator, 1 billing coordinator, 1 utility & data entry coordinator (virtual assistant), 1 property preservation coordinator, 2 property inspectors, 4 buyer agents, 1 team leader, and 1 principal.

Tom Rubens is the principal of Team TREO. He has been an agent for 6 years. Tom sells REO properties for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, several banks, and asset managers.

Tom is an entrepreneur. He has a colorful background including: options trader, minor league basketball team co-owner, minor league baseball teams co-owner, sports team broker, and real estate investor.

Tom fell into the REO business during his first month when he was introduced to a Fannie Mae asset manager. He was at the right place at the right time. Tom jumped at the chance to list Fannie Mae properties and never looked back.

For the first 6 months, Tom worked 60-80 hour weeks and earned a whooping $1,000. Luckily, Tom is a quick learner, business improved, and he started earning a lot more.

Tom discovered the fastest way to increase his client base is to attend industry conferences. While there, he networks with asset managers and other REO agents. The conferences are so productive that his goal is to attend 12 conferences per year.

Tom attributes a big part of his success to his team. After flying solo and learning all the REO tasks, he assembled a team of professionals to help him service the vast business his networking brings in.

2010 Stats:

  • 317 closings
  • 21 million sales volume
  • 66 thousand average price
  • 10% buyers and 90% sellers
  • 14 member team:
    • 1 REO office manager
    • 1 offers coordinator
    • 1 transaction coordinator
    • 1 billing coordinator
    • 1 utility & data entry coordinator (virtual assistant)
    • 1 property preservation coordinator
    • 2 property inspectors
    • 4 buyer agents
    • 1 team leader
    • 1 principal


  • REO
  • Fannie
  • Freddie

(originally published on 11/21/11)