SC024: Krista Mashore. Changing Careers From Being A Teacher To An Agent. Selling 69 Homes In The First Year. What To Do When The Market Shifts. Why Education, Systems And Certifications Are Important.

Krista Mashore

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Krista Mashore with Realty World Pigati and Russell Realtors in Brentwood, California. Last year she closed 107 transactions with a total sales volume of 22 million. Her average sales price was 210 thousand of which 10% were buyers and 90% were sellers. She operates a team with 8 members: 1 closing specialist, 1 marketing specialist, 1 evictions coordinator, 1 billing specialist, 1 field specialist, 2 buyer agents and 1 team leader.

Krista Mashore is the team leader of Team Krista. She has been an agent for 9 years. Krista’s business is split between traditional and REO sales. In the traditional market, she has become an expert in short-sales.

Krista had a fast start. After being a 3rd grade teacher for 6 years, she jumped into real estate full-time and sold 69 homes her first full year. She never looked back.

Initially she succeeded with traditional buyers and sellers. Then her market took a huge downward turn. Value are off by 65%. Today 95% of the homes sold in her area are short-sale and REO. Krista did not delay. She educated herself on the new market reality and went after short-sale and REO listings.

In this interview, Krista will share her lessons on both sides of the distressed market. First, she describes how to get short-sales approved including getting the banks to pay relocation assistance money to the seller. Second, she explains how she broke into the REO market through determination, education, and luck.

Krista is a strong believer in education, systems, and certifications. Listen closely as she describes how she used her credentials and designations to leverage herself into more business.

2010 Stats:

  • 107 closings
  • 22 million sales volume
  • 210 thousand average price
  • 10% buyers and 90% sellers
  • 8 member team:
    • 1 closing specialist
    • 1 marketing specialist
    • 1 evictions coordinator
    • 1 billing specialist
    • 1 field specialist
    • 2 buyer agents
    • 1 team leader


  • Short-Sale
  • REO

(originally published on 12/21/11)