SC187: Ken Pozek. Why expensive marketing failed and how cheap prospecting saved the day.


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Ken Pozek is with Keller Williams in Orlando, Florida. Year-to-date he closed 73 transactions with a total sales volume of 28 million. His average sales price was 237 thousand of which 68% were buyers and 32% were sellers. In his best year (2016 in Detroit), he sold 118 homes worth 39 million.

Ken has a 6 member team: 1 lead agent partner, 2 agent partners, 1 executive admin / transaction coordinator, 1 part time marketing manager, and 1 team leader.

Ken is the team leader of the Pozek Group. He has been an agent for 10 years and works the metro Orlando market.

In this call, Ken talks about:

  • Flipping and appraising homes after high school
  • Getting into real estate and being successful in 3 different markets
  • Selling 18 homes his first 9 months in central Detroit
  • Then selling 80 properties the next 12 months by working with banks to dispose of REO foreclosure houses
  • Switching back into retail sales and moving to a more affluent part of the city to sell more expensive homes
  • Building up a practice by befriending other local business owners, solving their biggest pain points, and asking for referrals
  • Developing Channel Accounts with people who can send 2 or more referrals per year, including several sources of leads you may not have heard before
  • Building up his 2nd practice to 118 closings per year in Detroit, then moving thousand miles away, starting from scratch, and now on track to sell 100 homes in his second full year in Orlando
  • The huge expensive 120 thousand dollar mistake he made trying to grow too fast
  • Why old fashioned inexpensive lead generation is the most profitable way to grow
  • His vendor spotlight program that results in 2 closings per month for zero cost
  • How he closed 3 million in volume this year with free YouTube videos
  • His simple 60 touch annual marketing plan that results in sphere referrals
  • How he gets agent referrals from all over the country
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2018 Stats:

  • 73 closings (YTD thru Aug 2018)
  • 28 million sales volume
  • 6 member team:
    • 1 lead agent partner
    • 2 agent partners
    • 1 executive admin / transaction coordinator
    • 1 part time marketing manager
    • 1 team leader


  • vendor network
  • channel accounts
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 10/07/18)