SC223: Judy and Dave Smith. Agent Couple Sold 33 Properties In 6 Months In A Brand New Market Where They Did Not Know Anyone While Maintaining Old Practice 670 Miles Away.

In this call, Judy and Dave talk about:

  • Dual Markets:  running TWO practices in TWO different markets 670 miles apart as couple agents (with no assistants).
  • How to run the OLD market practice remotely with no team or assistants.
  • Starting in a brand NEW market where they did not know anyone and selling 33 properties in the first 6 months.
  • Their blueprint for becoming the neighborhood expert and taking the dominant position fast.
  • The launch plan they use to start a geographic farm.
  • Strategies for learning the area fast and networking with the neighbors.
  • How to list non-owner occupied properties.
  • Why they prefer to work the luxury market.
  • Their monthly market report that brings in 12 or more calls per mailing.
  • Why the domain name of your website is so important.
  • Profit margins, advice, and more.

Judy and Dave Smith SUCCESS CALL …

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Judy and Dave Smith are with Possum Kingdom Real Estate in Graford, Texas. In the last 12 months they closed 55 transactions with a total sales volume of 22 million. Their average sales price was 401 thousand of which 30% were buyers and 70% were sellers.

Judy and Dave are a couple with no assistants and have been agents for 34 and 20 years respectively.


2020 Stats:

  • 55 closings
  • 22 million sales volume
  • agent couple without an assistant


  • geographic farming
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence