SC226: Jen Burns 2. Hire A System Before You Hire A Person Says Solo Agent Who Sold 106 Homes Last Year.

In this special “where are they now” call, Jen talks about:

  • Selling 106 homes last year as a solo agent.
  • Part 1: How she received one referral closing for every five people in her database.
    • How to start a private Facebook group for your friends, family, and past clients.
    • Script to invite your people and get them to join right now.
    • Staying in front of your people with fun contests and giveaways.
    • Low cost gift ideas that make a big impression.
  • Part 2: How she systematized her business to handle up to 20 pending sales per month.
    • Why you should hire a system before a person.
    • The quick and easy way to set up systems for your practice.
    • Why she never receives calls from her clients during a closing (hint: the system already proactively educated them about the next step).
    • See inside her actual system and pending checklist.
    • Sneak a peek inside
  • How her marketing strategy and system approach allowed her to close 106 homes as a solo agent … while still being able to attend her kids functions and take 4 week long vacations last year.
  • Her advise to other aspiring solo agents and more.


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Jen Burns is with Craft Realty in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last year, she closed 106 transactions with a total sales volume of 31 million and earned 765 thousand in GCI. Her average sales price was 292 thousand.

Jen is a solo agent with 2 part time assistants: 1 administrative and 1 marketing. She has been an agent for 14 years.



2021 Stats:

  • 106 closings
  • 31 million sales volume
  • solo agent with two part time assistants (Transaction Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator)


  • systems
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence