Should I buy a new car to impress my clients?

Keep the old car.  Invest the cash in marketing.

Real estate agents need more CASH…not more BLING.

Think Sam Walton (Wal-Mart).  He would be the wealthiest man in America today if he were still alive (his combined family fortune is north of $100 billion).  Sam drove an old beat up truck.

You could use that cash to build your real estate business and throw off even more money to…invest in MORE marketing.  : )

Or buy a new car…only if you want to.

In 19 years, I do not believe I was ever judged by my car (and I too drove mine into the ground).

People judge you by your personality and results…more so the results.

Best way to diffuse this, joke with client.  “I can’t help myself…I invest every dime I have in appreciating real estate…not depreciating cars.”

Good luck!