Solo Agent Strategies and Tactics

Last week, we talked about solo agents

… and their surprising comeback

… in a world obsessed with teams.

I believe solo agents and team agents can learn from each other

… since they both serve the SAME clientele.

Based on the response to the

Solo Agent Survey (click here if you still want to take it)

we will dive a little deeper this week.

Ben Washlight made a great suggestion:

“Mike, I like the idea of being a lone wolf solo agent.  Can you tell me what to do to be successful?”

This is a loaded question.

As you know, there are a lot of moving parts in real estate.

However, I like the challenge.

So let’s dive deep into:

Strategies and Tactics for Success as a Solo Agent.

This week, I will share my thoughts on how to be a

… peak performer solo agent.

Here we go.

Lesson #1:  How To Avoid Burnout.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first.

As a solo agent, you will be doing EVERYTHING.

… and believe it or not

… I think you CAN do it all.

However, this requires intense effort (for high performance)

… focus on high dollar activities

… and the ability to say “no” to fake opportunities.

By it’s very nature, being productive and profitable, will result in stress.

But don’t be scared.

Being a failure without any clients or revenues

… is way MORE stressful

… than working hard.

You might know what I’m talking about.

So let’s assume you work hard … and are successful.

The hours are going to be long.

The work is going to be exciting.

The clients are going to be grateful.

And your bank account is going to grow.

Here is the key.

Take some of that money each month

… and decompress.

Take a vacation from the work.

You will need to EXIT the business once a month.

For a long 3 day weekend … or even a whole week.

It is best to do this the first or second week of the month

… since typically, closings happen at the end of the month.

I see you taking one 3-day weekend off every month

… and one 1-week off every quarter.


So you can recharge the engines

… spend time with your spouse, children, parents, friends

… or sometimes even better

… with no one … but you.

You need this time to

… clear your head

… nurture your body

….and “reboot” your system.

If you are not willing to do this

… you will burnout

… and not be any good

… to anyone.

Now you might be thinking:

“Mike, I can’t do that.”

Let’s me share an example.

Joy Russell is a super solo agent

… who sells 96 homes per year.

You might think she works

… every minute of every day.

After talking with Joy for over a year

… I can tell you that she DOES work a lot

… and is extremely intentional with her time.

What might surprise you is this:

She vacations 6 months out of the year.


She takes mini-vacations every month.

Long weekends.

Plus one big travel every 2-3 week.

Usually 7-10 day trips out of the country.

Sitting on a beach.

Walking thru a jungle.

Looking at Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Joy has structured her business

… and trained her clients

… to accept her lifestyle

… and business format.

She does not hid her travels.

Instead, she shares the experiences

… and her clients love her for it.

Now I’m not saying you need to travel like Joy.

But what I am say is this:

You need to take time off … every month … and rejuvenate your soul … so you stay fresh … and don’t burn out.


Schedule your breaks in ADVANCE.

Then treat it like an appointment with your doctor.  It’s going to happen.  Everything else will move around it.

Lesson one, done.

Keep moving forward.

-Mike Cerrone
Master Mind Agent LLC

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Hope this helps.