1107TA – Jose Medina

July 2011 Top Agent Interview with

Jose Medina


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Jose Medina is with RE/MAX Crossroads in Canton, Ohio.  He works Stark County.  Last year he closed 155 transactions with a total sales volume of 21 million.  His average sales price was 139 thousand, of which 40% were buyers and 60% were sellers.  He operates a team with 6 members:  1 closing manager, 1 listing manager, 3 buyer agents, and 1 team leader.

Jose Medina is the team leader of Jose Medina & Associates.  He has been an agent for 9 years.  Jose specializes in generating referral business from his sphere of influence and past client database.  He receives 80% of his business from this database.

Jose wants everyone he has every met, come in contact with, or done business with, to be in his database.  He contacts his 7,000 person database at least six times per year by direct mail.

Jose has two major annual promotions.  First, for Thanksgiving he gives away a free pie to anyone on his list who will RSVP and come by the office to pick it up.  Second, for Christmas he has a client appreciation party at a local movie theater focused on the kids.  Both have been a huge success and get Jose in front of his sphere of influence and past clients to bond and show appreciation.

Jose believes real estate is a contact sport:  the more contacts, the more contracts.  Every day he makes phone calls during his Hour of Power.  Jose has advanced his business with team building and marketing.  He believes sellers respond to agent image and results while buyers respond to properties for sale.  He advertises in his local newspaper and provides a free moving truck to his current and past clients.  Listen closely to how Jose uses DISC personality styles in his listing appointments to generate a 70-80 home listing inventory.

2010 Stats:

  • 155 closings
  • 21 million sales volume
  • 139 thousand average price
  • 40% buyers and 60% sellers
  • 6 member team:
    • 1 closing manager
    • 1 listing manager
    • 3 buyer agents
    • 1 team leader


  • Referral