SC008: Daniel Del Real. Generating Referral Business And Receiving Over 80% Of His Business From Referrals. Why He Stopped Advertising A Few Years Ago. What It Means To Be A “Selfless Giver”. Show People How Transactions Work Rather Than “Selling” Or Telling Them.

Daniel Del Real

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Daniel Del Real is with PMZ, Inc. in Modesto, California. He works the Central Valley. Last year he closed 196 transactions with a total sales volume of 25 million. His average sales price was 131 thousand, of which 54% were buyers and 46% were sellers. He operates a team with 4 members: 1 closing manager, 1 buyer agent, 1 REO partner, and 1 team leader.

Daniel Del Real is the team leader of the Del Real Group. He has been an agent for 8 years. Daniel specializes in generating referral business from his database of past clients and sphere of influence. He receives over 80% of his business from referrals.

Daniel is very selective about who goes into his database, and who stays in. He is not afraid to remove names of people who are not referring him business. He only wants to invest his time and effort with people who believe in him and send him referrals. Daniel believes it is better to have 100 people in his database who are actively referring him business than to have 1,000 people who may or may not.

Daniel stopped advertising a few years ago. He redirected all the money into improving his relationships with the people in his database. After eight years, he has a database of 800 people who referred over 160 transactions last year. How does he do it? Daniel believes he must be a selfless “giver”. Through the magic of reciprocity, the more he gives, the more he receives.

Daniel prefers to “educate” or show people how transactions work rather than “selling” or telling them. To this end, Daniel created transaction “case studies” for buying, selling and investing that he posts on his blog.

Daniel added REO volume to his business by partnering with a successful veteran agent. Listen carefully to how Daniel is building his exit strategy.

2010 Stats:

  • 196 closings
  • 25 million sales volume
  • 131 thousand average price
  • 54% buyers and 46% sellers
  • 4 member team:
    • 1 closing manager
    • 1 buyer agent
    • 1 REO agent
    • 1 team leader


  • Referral

(originally published on 04/21/11)