SC029: Chantel Ray. Closing 810 Transactions. Anticipating Market Shifts And Moving Ahead Of The Pack. Being An Early Adapter. Knowing Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses. How To Excel At Team Leadership, System Building, Goal Setting, And Accountability. Only Working On Tasks You Love And How To Delegate The Rest. Successful Radio Ads.


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Chantel Ray is with Chantel Ray Real Estate in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Last year, she closed 810 transactions With a total sales volume of 94 million. Her average sales price was 116 thousand of which 40 % were buyers and 60% were sellers. She operates a team with 29 members: 3 listing specialists, 9 buyer specialists, 8 REO specialists, 5 administrative staff, 1 short sale negotiator, and 3 couriers.

Chantel Ray is the team leader of Chantel Ray Real Estate. She has been an agent for 8 years. She works the Hampton Roads market.

Chantel anticipates market shifts and moves ahead of the pack. She was an early adapter to the REO and short-sale markets. Chantel predicts a resurgence in luxury homes and commercial properties.

Chantel is either in “fifth gear or at a stop”. She does not believe in coasting. Chantel knows her strengths and her weaknesses. She excels at team leadership, system building, goal setting, and accountability. She only works on tasks she loves and is good at. For all other work, she sets up systems and delegates to her team.

Chantel stars in her own successful radio ads. She describes how she wrote the script, recorded the ad with a local celebrity, and negotiated with the stations. She created the memorable jingle “If it has to sell, call Chantel.” Listen carefully to the sample ad she uses to generate tons of calls and business.

2011 Stats:

  • 810 closings
  • 94 million sales volume
  • 116 thousand average price
  • 40% buyers and 60% sellers
  • 29 member team:
    • 3 listing specialists
    • 9 buyer specialists
    • 8 REO specialists
    • 5 administrative staff
    • 1 short sale negotiator
    • 3 couriers


  • REO
  • Short-Sale
  • Radio Ads

(originally published on 03/07/12)