SC028: Joshua Smith. Closing 463 Transactions. What He Did When Foreclosures, REOs And Short-Sales Increased. How He Converts Expired Listings. How He’s Adjusting To The New Changes In The Market.


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Joshua Smith with RE/MAX Professionals in Surprise, Arizona. He works the Northwest Valley of Metro Phoenix. Last year, he closed 463 transactions with a total sales volume of 49 million. His average sales price was 106 thousand of which 13% were buyers and 87% were sellers. He operates a team with 14 members: 3 listing specialists, 4 buyer specialists, 5 administrative staff and 2 field techs.

Joshua Smith leads the Smith & Associates Real Estate Group with his father Randy. Joshua has been licensed for 6 years. This father & son team formed different than most. Joshua and Randy entered the business at the same time, as competitors. Each ran their own business for the first two years. When it was time to take on staff, they decided to combine forces and made a formal business arrangement.

Joshua started out as a traditional agent. He and Randy moved to Arizona six years ago and started from scratch. They each built successful businesses through open houses, expired listings, and other traditional methods. Then the market turned. Luckily, Joshua had already set the foundation for an REO and short-sale business. As the market declined, foreclosures, REOs and short-sales increased. The Smith Group’s business went up while most others went down.

Joshua will discuss how he broke into the REO business, how he’s developing the short-sale business by delivering 10,000 door hangers per month, how he converts expired listings, and how he’s adjusting to the new changes in the market.

2011 Stats:

  • 463 closings
  • 49 million sales volume
  • 106 thousand average price
  • 13% buyers and 87% sellers
  • 14 member team:
    • 3 listing specialists
      • traditional listing specialist
      • REO listings specialist
      • short-sale specialist
    • 4 buyer specialists
    • 5 administrative staff
      • transaction co-ordinator
      • REO co-ordinator
      • utility/repair bids/marketing co-ordinator
      • 2 bookkeepers
    • 2 field techs


  • REO
  • Short-Sale
  • Expireds

(originally published on 02/21/12)