SC036: Raquel Quinet. Raquel Quinet talks about: Moving From One City To Another And Starting A New Real Estate Practice. specializing in REO, Short-Sale, Sphere-Of-Influence, Buyers, And Out-Of-State Investors.

Raquel Quinet SUCCESS CALL

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Raquel Quinet with Keller Williams Realty in Goodyear, Arizona. Last year she closed 253 transactions with a total sales volume of 27 million. Her average sales price was 106 thousand of which 11% were buyers and 89% were sellers. She operates a team with 7 members: 1 buyer agent, 1 offer coordinator/cash-for-keys coordinator, 1 repair coordinator, 1 escrow coordinator, 1 field manager, 1 bookkeeper, and 1 team leader.

Raquel Quinet is the team leader of Raquel Quinet & The Results Group. She has been an agent for 13 years. Raquel specializes in REO, Short-Sale, Sphere-Of-Influence, Buyers, and Out-Of-State Investors.

Raquel made a big move from Union City, California to Goodyear, Arizona. She had built a super successful team based on traditional real estate and was closing 100 transactions per year with an average price of $750 thousand. Raquel sold her book of business and describes how she did it in this interview. Then she moved to Arizona where she did not know anyone.

Raquel did not start selling homes right away. First, she recruited agents and helped build an established brokerage. After success in that position, she started selling homes again. She made progress quickly. In her second year selling homes in Arizona, Raquel closed 253 homes. She describes how she did it in this interview.

2011 Stats:

  • 253 closings
  • 27 million sales volume
  • 106 thousand average price
  • 11% buyers and 89% sellers
  • 7 member team:
    • 1 buyer agent
    • 1 offer coordinator/cash-for-keys coordinator
    • 1 repair coordinator
    • 1 escrow coordinator
    • 1 field manager
    • 1 bookkeeper
    • 1 team leader


  • REO
  • Short Sale
  • Sphere-Of-Influence
  • Buyers
  • Out-Of-State Investors

(originally published on 06/21/12)