SC039: Brett Tanner. Fix And Flips. Short-Sales. Quickly Building A Listing Inventory. How To Adapt Your Business Model To Changing Market Conditions.


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Brett Tanner is with Keller Williams Realty in Phoenix, Arizona. Brett specializes in investor fix-n-flips, buyer brokerage, short-sales, REO and past client referrals. Last year he closed 667 transactions with a total sales volume of 65 million. His average sales price was 98 thousand of which 50% were buyers and 50% were sellers.

He operates a team with 13 members: 1 executive assistant, 1 operations manager, 3 buyer specialists, 2 listing department, 1 short-sale processor, 1 short-sale coordinator, 1 investor department, 1 REO department, 1 field technician, and 1 team leader.

Brett Tanner is the team leader of the Brett Tanner Home Selling Team. He has been and agent for 7 years. He works the Metro-Phoenix market.

Brett is a serial entrepreneur. While running his early businesses he invested in real estate by flipping houses. He got his license to find more properties faster. His friends found out and asked him to help them buy and flip. His license quickly paid off and he sold $25 million his first year.

Then the market took a dramatic fall. The investor business dried up as home values fell 50% in 2 years. Brett’s business model was broken. He shrunk his staff down to one assistant and considered leaving the business.

Brett decided to focus all his energy on short-sales. He sat down and started “hammering” the phones. Brett called everyone he knew and asked if they needed to short-sale. It worked. Listing inventory quickly rose. He rebuilt his business and staff to meet the need.

As the market leveled off, Brett recognized opportunity again in the investor fix-n-flip market. A money-partner came along and made him an offer he could not refuse. The partner would put up the money and Brett would manage the projects. Together they will flip 60-80 homes this year. Not bad for a young man who just celebrated his 31st birthday.

2011 Stats:

  • 667 closings
  • 65 million sales volume
  • 98 thousand average price
  • 50% buyers and 50% sellers
  • 13 member team:
    • 1 executive assistant
    • 1 operations manager
    • 3 buyer specialists
    • 2 listing department
    • 1 short-sale processor
    • 1 short-sale coordinator
    • 1 investor department
    • 1 REO department
    • 1 field technician
    • 1 team leader


  • investor fix-n-flip
  • buyer brokerage
  • short-sale
  • REO
  • past client referrals

(originally published on 08/07/12)