SC066: Melinda Estridge. Unique Client Events And Seminars. Sharing Marketing Expenses With Vendors. Hiring And Compensating A Leads Manager.

Melinda Estridge SUCCESS CALL

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Melinda Estridge is with Long & Foster Real Estate in Bethesda, Maryland. Last year she closed 70 transactions with a total sales volume of 40 million. Her average sales price was 571 thousand of which 50% were buyers and 50% were sellers. She operates a team with 8 members: 3 buyer agents, 1 office manager/closing manager, 1 listing manager, 1 leads manager, 1 business partner, and 1 team leader.

Melinda Estridge is the team leader of The Estridge Group. She has been an agent for 34 years.

In this call, Melinda talks about:

  • Selling over 1 billion dollars of real estate in her career
  • Staying with the same company since day one
  • Hiring and compensating a Leads Manager to follow up with internet leads
  • Working her past client and sphere of influence database
  • Farming different neighborhoods with different brands
  • Using shells and templates to simplify her direct mail marketing
  • Good Bye Parties for her sellers
  • Dumpster, Donation, & Shredding Day event
  • Renovation, Remodeling, & Staging Seminar
  • Annual Past Client Party
  • Sharing marketing expenses with lenders and other vendors
  • Time blocking, metrics, team dynamics, profit margins, and more

Stats 2012:

  • 70 closings
  • 40 million sales volume
  • 8 member team:
    • 3 buyer agents
    • 1 office manager/closing manager
    • 1 listing manager
    • 1 leads manager (virtual)
    • 1 business partner
    • 1 team leader


  • geographic farming
  • internet leads
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 09/21/13)