SC125: Matt Curtis. His Internet Lead Generation And Conversion Process That Resulted In 100 Closings In Last Year Including Cost Per Lead And Cost Per Sale. The Best CRM For Internet Leads. Getting 200 Online Reviews. The Script For His Most Effective Follow Up Text Message.


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Matt Curtis is with Matt Curtis Real Estate in Madison, Alabama. Last year he closed 218 transactions with a total sales volume of 44 million. His average sales price was 204 thousand of which 63% were buyers and 37% were sellers. He has a 15 member team: 7 buyer agents, 1 listing partner, 1 college graduate buyer agent, 1 new home sales agent, 1 closing coordinator, 1 closing assistant, 1 runner, 1 marketing manager/recruiter, and 1 team leader.

Matt Curtis is the team leader of the Matt Curtis Real Estate team. He has been an agent for 10 years. He sold almost 950 homes in his career.

In this call, Matt talks about:

  • How he sold 2 homes his first week and 35 homes his first 6 months
  • The promotion he used to sell 11 homes in 2 hours
  • His internet lead generation and conversion process that resulted in 100 closing last year
  • His cost per lead and cost per sale numbers for Zillow, Commissions Inc., and Tiger Leads
  • His lead distribution system including the perfect number of leads per agent
  • How to get a hold of 90% of your internet leads within 48 hours
  • How he got a 6-to-1 ROI on his internet leads and shares the cost with his lender
  • The CRM he likes best for tracking and converting his leads
  • How to use your internet leads to sign more listings
  • Using mass text messages and his most effective text script
  • How to keep your agents on track with weekly reviews and coaching
  • Why he has over 200 online reviews and how he gets them
  • Keys to working with new home builders
  • Simple past client marketing plan that resulted in 11% of list repeating or referring
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more

2015 Stats:

  • 218 closings
  • 44 million sales volume
  • 15 member team:
    • 7 buyer agents
    • 1 listing partner
    • 1 college graduate buyer agent
    • 1 new home sales agent
    • 1 closing coordinator
    • 1 closing assistant
    • 1 runner
    • 1 marketing manager/recruiter
    • 1 team leader


  • internet leads
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 03/07/16)