SC174: Todd Smith. 12 closings per month by geographic farming.


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Todd Smith is with Keller Williams in Goodyear, Arizona. Last year he, his wife Shannon Cunningham, and team closed 216 transactions with a total sales volume of 50 million and earned 1.7 million in GCI. His average sales price was 235 thousand of which 48% were buyers and 52% were sellers. They also manage 160 rental units.

Todd has a 15 member team: 1 lead listing specialist, 1 listing partner, 4 buyer specialists, 2 showing assistants, 2 inside sales associates, 1 transaction manager, 1 marketing manager, 1 property manager, 1 field manager, and 1 team leader.

Todd is team leader of AZ Performance Realty. He has been an agent for 11 years and works the Metro Phoenix market.

In this call, Todd talks about:

  • Barely graduating from high school and working as a garbage man for 6 years
  • Joining a friend’s team and selling 5 homes his first week
  • How to leverage new construction when you are a resale agent
  • Why geographic farming accounts for 67% of his business … 144 closings
  • How they picked their first farm and what they did to expand it
  • Receiving a 22 to 1 ROI in the farm … for every 1 dollar invested 22 came back
  • Why they use an 8×8 program to start a new farm and get name recognition fast
  • What they mail into the farm and how often
  • How to enhance your farm results and reputation with open houses
  • Why the team was growing at 20% to 30% per year, then stalled, and how they are growing again
  • The maximum number of listings a single agent can list each month and service properly
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2016 Stats:

  • 216 closings
  • 50 million sales volume
  • 15 member team:
    • 1 lead listing specialist
    • 1 listing partner
    • 4 buyer specialists
    • 2 showing assistants
    • 2 inside sales associates
    • 1 transaction manager
    • 1 marketing manager
    • 1 property manager
    • 1 field manager
    • 1 team leader


    • geographic farming
    • repeat & referrals
    • past clients
    • sphere of influence

(originally published on 03/21/18)