SC184: Toni Zarghami. Scripts for getting your sellers to price correctly.

Toni Zarghami SUCCESS CALL …

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Toni Zarghami is with Keller Williams in Sarasota, Florida. Last year she, her husband David, and team closed 108 transactions with a total sales volume of 35 million. Her average sales price was 324 thousand of which 50% were buyers and 50% were sellers. In her best year (2016), she sold 116 homes worth 40 million.

Toni has a 19 member team: 6 buyer specialists, 3 junior partners, 1 listing specialist / director of sales, 3 full time operations staff, 2 virtual assistants, 1 courier, 1 sign guy, 1 chief growth officer, and 1 chief executive officer.

Toni is the co-founder and listing specialist of the Zarghami Group. She has been an agent for 10 years and works the metro Sarasota market.

In this call, Toni talks about:

  • Falling in love with real estate as a 4th grade teacher when she fix-n-flipped a house one summer
  • The benefits of shadowing a mentor early in your career
  • How she fell in with a builder to boost her practice early on
  • Lessons learned from failures and why you want to fail faster
  • How to create accountability for yourself and team members
  • Keys to successfully working with your spouse
  • Why Toni still personally lists and sells 50-60 homes per year
  • What to say to a seller when you are competing against other agents
  • Scripts for getting sellers to price their home correctly
  • How she stopped discounting her commission
  • Getting more repeat and referrals from past clients
  • Team dynamics and more

2017 Stats:

  • 108 closings
  • 35 million sales volume
  • 19 member team:
    • 6 buyer specialists
    • 3 junior partners
    • 1 listing specialist / director of sales
    • 3 full time operations staff
    • 2 virtual assistants
    • 1 courier
    • 1 sign guy
    • 1 chief growth officer
    • 1 chief executive officer


    • internet leads
    • repeat & referrals
    • past clients
    • sphere of influence

(originally published on 08/21/18)