SC185: Lucas Howard. Creating spotlight videos that promote local businesses and receive referrals from the owners.

Lucas Howard SUCCESS CALL …

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Lucas Howard is with Keller Williams in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Last year he closed 265 transactions with a total sales volume of 52 million and earned 1.7 million in GCI. His average sales price was 198 thousand of which 56% were buyers and 44% were sellers.

Lucas has a 19 member team: 6 buyer agents, 2 junior showing agents, 2 listing agents, 2 inside sales agents, 1 listing coordinator, 1 transaction coordinator, 1 director of fun, 1 marketing director, 1 director of operations, 1 executive assistant, and 1 team leader.

Lucas is the team leader of the Lucas Howard Group. He has been an agent for 14 years and works the West Michigan market.

In this call, Lucas talks about:

  • Selling homes part time on the side for the first 8 years
  • Jumping in full time and selling 40 homes in first full year
  • Selling 58 homes the next year with zero assistants
  • Listing 110 homes as the teams exclusive listing agent
  • How he gets 60% of his business (150 closings) by repeat and referral from his past clients and sphere of influence including his 52 touch annual marketing plan
  • Hosting 4 past client events per year including the script he uses to invite his people and ask for referrals
  • Creating spotlight videos that promote local businesses and result in referrals from business owners including how to make the videos and getting the local business association to sponsor and pay for it
  • Hosting, promoting, and organizing huge community events with 6 to 10 thousand people attending that results in goodwill and referrals
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2017 Stats:

  • 265 closings
  • 52 million sales volume
  • 19 member team:
    • 6 buyer agents
    • 2 junior showing agents
    • 2 listing agents
    • 2 inside sales agents
    • 1 listing coordinator
    • 1 transaction coordinator
    • 1 director of fun
    • 1 marketing director
    • 1 director of operations
    • 1 executive assistant
    • 1 team leader


  • community events
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 09/07/18)