SC202: Desi Sowers. Solo Agent Gets 60 Referral Closings From Small List Of 300 People (1 in 5) By Former House Cleaner (And College Dropout).

In this call, Desi talks about:

  • Being a house cleaner before becoming an agent … and selling the same homes that she used to clean the toilets.
  • Selling 72 homes last year as a solo agent with one part-time virtual assistant.
  • Receiving 60 referral closings from her small list of 300 people … that is 1 in 5 (20%) closings from people on her list.
  • Why she never asks for referrals, doesn’t call her past clients, and sends lots of handwritten cards instead.
  • Her simple low-budget annual marketing plan.
  • Why she loves to bake a cake and deliver it to her clients.
  • Her $50,000 month.
  • Why she never jumped on the “team train” and never will.
  • The vitrual assistant company she contracts out part time, tasks given (you’ll be surprised by what she will NOT farm out), and how you might be able to hire them too.
  • Her daily and weekly schedule (she rarely works weekends) and more.

Desi Sowers SUCCESS CALL …

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Desi Sowers is with Re/Max in Blacksburg, Virginia. Last year she closed 72 transactions with a total sales volume of 17 million and earned 440 thousand in GCI. Her average sales price was 233 thousand of which 32% were buyers and 68% were sellers.

Desi is a solo agent with 1 part time virtual assistants. She has been an agent for 14 years.

2018 Stats:

  • 72 closings
  • 17 million sales volume
  • 2 member group:
    • 1 part time vitrual assistant
    • 1 solo agent


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence