SC218: Vicki Westapher. Showing Agent Model of a Highly Leveraged Solo Agent. Proprietary Buyer Showing Strategy. Virtual Office Tools and Client Presentations.

In this call, Vicki talks about:

  • Closing 67 transactions worth 30 million and earning 867 thousand in GCI.
  • Operating as a highly leveraged solo agent with 3 administrative assistants.
  • Technology and tools to run a virtual office and make virtual client presentations.
  • Choosing the showing agent model instead of the more common buyer agent model … because it is 10 times less costly.
  • How the showing agent model works.
  • What tasks a showing agent does and does not do.
  • How to find, train, and pay a pool of part time showing agents.
  • Why other agents want to be a showing agent as a part time side gig.
  • Developing her proprietary showing strategy that results in faster buyer decisions, fewer houses shown, and happier clients.
  • Repeat and referral annual marketing plan that generates 74% of her business.
  • Video email PCSOI birthday greetings including her script requesting referrals.
  • The email “P.S.” that gives allows her to take evenings and Sundays off.
  • Taking 10 weeks of vacation per year.
  • Hiring assistants from an underutilized talent pool of stay-at-home-moms, offering flexibility, and getting long term loyalty.
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margin, and more.

Vicki Westapher SUCCESS CALL …

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Vicki Westapher is with Re/Max in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Last year, she closed 67 transactions with a total sales volume of 30 million. Her average sales price was 454 thousand of which 45% were buyers and 55% were sellers.

Vicki is a solo agent with 3 administrative assistants. She has been an agent for 22 years.


2020 Stats:

  • 67 closings
  • 30 million sales volume
  • 4 member group:
    • 1 transaction coordinator
    • 1 marketing manager
    • 1 team manager
    • 1 team leader (solo agent)


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence