SC219: Darren James. Sold 52 Homes In One Year Working Part Time. Hiring Team Agents Who Average 36 Closings Per Year. Social Media Content Calendar and Content Compounding.

In this call, Darren talks about:

  • Selling 52 homes in one year working part time by handing out 25 business cards every day.
  • Now, while running a team, he is personally selling 130 to 160 homes per year (find out how).
  • In addition, his 8 team agents are each averaging 36 closings per year per agent (3 per month).
  • Learn which two industries he like to recruit team agents.
  • How he reduced his team from 33 agents down to 8 … stayed at the same sales volume … and dramatically improved the number of sales per agent.
  • Last year he and the team sold 438 homes worth 78 million and earned 1.97 million in GCI.
  • Why you should set up a Content Calendar and the power of Content Compounding to leverage your social media reach.
  • Repurposing one video into multiple marketing pieces such as video post (YouTube, Facebook), podcast (iTunes, Stitcher), blog post (transcript on website), 15 second clips on InstaGram, and more.
  • How he built a list of probate and divorce attorneys and how he gets a meeting with 6 out of 10 to present his referral proposal.
  • His repeat and referral Raving Fan Club that results 80% of his closings including many of the inexpensive marketing ideas.
  • Basecamp software he uses to create transparency during the transaction that frees up hours of his team’s time not having to repeat answers to transaction status questions.
  • How to let go of people who are not working out on the team.
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margin, and more.

Darren James SUCCESS CALL …

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Darren James is with eXp Realty in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Last year, he closed 438 transactions with a total sales volume of 78 million. His average sales price was 180 thousand of which 75% were buyers and 25% were sellers.

Darren leads a team with 11 members. He has been an agent for 19 years.


2019 Stats:

  • 438 closings
  • 78 million sales volume
  • 11 member group:
    • 8 team agents
    • 2 administrative staff
    • 1 team leader


  • probate and divorce attorneys
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence