Solo Agent TACTIC: Lead Generation

Lead Generation TACTIC for Solo Agents.

Yesterday we talked about the STRATEGY

… that accounts for 55% to 95% of the business

… for 4 super solo agents

… who closed 69, 78, 80, 96 homes in one year.

It is … R&R

… an intense focus on repeat and referrals from

… friends, family, and past clients.

Strategy is the WHAT.

Tactics are the HOW.

So let’s talk about HOW to maximize your R&R.

Today I want to dive deep into one very effective tactic

… with a case study.

Super solo agent Jen Burns sold 78 homes last year

… half (39) were R&R.

That is 3+ closings per month … every month … from R&R.

[Take 60 seconds and imagine this happening for you.  3 closings per month.  What is the GCI in your market?  Would that make things better?]

Jen uses a simple, yet effective approach.

[Note: most successful tactics, are simple and easy to repeat.]

First, Jen decided on a medium to communicate with her people.

She picked Facebook.

Specifically, she created a PRIVATE Group.

Three cool things about FB private groups:

1.  Only the people you INVITE and approve can be in the group (exclusive).

2.  Your message ONLY goes out to these people (not to people who will not R&R).

3.  Your message is DELIVERED to ALL the people in the group … for free (FB does not charge to deliver to ALL, like on your business page).

Now you have a FREE and COMPLETE way to communicate with your people … anytime you want.

[BTW, that right there was worth hundreds if not thousands per month.  In the OLD days, I had to send snail mail to accomplish the same.]

What happens next?

2-3 times per week, Jen TALKS with her people.

She tells them about the real estate market (a little bit), social events around town (like sports games and cake sampling), and most importantly … giveaways.

Every month Jen GIVES something for FREE to her people.

But she makes it FUN … she turns it into a game … a door prize.

She post a picture of a GIFT, a description, and ask her people to COMMENT to enter the drawing.

Cool, right?

Amazing participation … interaction … and excitement.

Now I’ve heard of giveaways before.  Been happening for a long time.

For instance, a gift card to Target … or gift certificate to a romantic diner for two at a local hot spot.

Jen dialed this concept up to 11 (think the movie Spinal Tap).

Instead of giving away ONE gift … Jen gives away 10 or 20 or 30.

Soooooo Smart!!!

Instead of ONE winner (and happy person)

… she now has 10, 20, 30 people

… smiling

… singing her praises

… feeling warn and fuzzy about Jen

… and remembering her

… when they are ready to move

… or a friend asks for a good real estate agent.

Another cool move:  Jen finds (or makes) gifts that appeal to her LOCAL market.

For instance, she lives in Louisiana.

One gift was a “crawfish tray” to serve the local cuisine.

Unique to her people.

It shows she is part of the community …and understands their particular needs.

She is “one of them” … and everyone likes to work with (and help) one of their own.

[Note: to go deeper into this idea, and see Jen describe all the details, see her session, coming out in 3 weeks.]

Why does this “giving gift” concept work?

The Law of Reciprocity.

When someone gives you something, you are grateful, and want to give something back.

Has a friend ever bought you lunch?

What do you offer next?

“I’ll pay next time.”

We all believe in equality … and balancing of the scales.

So when you give your people a gift … they want to give you something back … like a repeat … or a referral.

Simple, powerful, and it works.

Plus it’s fun … and it feels good.

In conclusion, consider starting a private FB group … and giving away cool, local, appreciated gifts to your people.

Give first … get later.

Tomorrow, I will dive deep into a tactic super solo agents are using to develop Future Growth leads.

Lesson four, done.

Keep moving forward.

-Mike Cerrone
Master Mind Agent LLC

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Hope this helps.