[part 2] Solo Agent TACTIC: Lead Generation

Lead Generation TACTIC for Solo Agents … part 2.

Yesterday we talked HOW to maximize your R&R (repeat & referral)

… with the tactic of a FB private group and giveaways.

(If you missed it, look for it in your email, it was worth it.)

Today I want to talk about a tactic for

… filling your database with more

… past clients … and leads

… from NEW people

… who don’t know you … yet.

Solo agents need to keep things simple … and stay focused.

Your marketing plan needs TWO lead sources

… a two prong approach.

1. Repeat & Referral (people you know).

2. Future Growth (people you do not know).

The solo agent lead gen strategy should be:

1. Maximize R&R first.

2. Then add to database with ONE new lead source.

Per Future Growth business, let’s talk about that one new lead source.

There are many … okay … lots of options.

My only recommendation is that you pick only ONE … and master it.

Some you have heard about (FSBO, expired, Zillow, open houses, door knocking).

Other sources may be new.

I prefer FREE leads … to paid leads … when possible.

Let me share an example.

Super solo agent Lesley Hodge Perreault sold 80 homes last year.

(Click HERE to listen to her Success Call)

Most of her business is from R&R.

But Lesley is still in Growth Mode

… so she found a free way to add new leads and clients.

Drum roll please.

Posting free ads in local Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook.

Result: she has been closing 1 to 2 homes per month

and even sold 8 homes in ONE month

… from this no-cost lead source.

(Lesley broke it down in detail with examples in her realG.tv session.  (Click HERE to watch it)

Basically, here is how it works.

Lesley researches FB for “_____ buy, sell, trade” private groups.

The blank is filled in with your city, town, or local area.

Look for the 5 or 10 largest groups.

Then she joins the group.

Lesley spends 10 minutes per day making a simple post …. promoting one of her listings (or her broker’s listing) (or other listings in the MLS, if allowed in your area).

She looks for homes with good picture curb appeal … and something unique (like mother-in-law apartment, reduced price, oversized garage, etc).

Lesley makes one post (ad), then copies it into all the other groups.

People start responding … and she talks with them.

So simple … yet powerful and effective.

I hope this example of Lesley expands your thinking.

There are MANY ways to succeed.

BUT … heed the warning: 

Focus on ONE lead gen method … and master it.

Lesley failed for many months while she “tweaked” her posts and approach.

You have to be committed … so you can LEARN how the approach works … and what your prospects REALLY want and need.

You need to learn their language … walk in their shoes … and then … talk like they do.

When you immerse yourself in ONE method … you become the expert … and the profits flow.

In conclusion, focus on ONE “future group” lead source … and master it.

Lesson five, done.

Keep moving forward.

-Mike Cerrone
Master Mind Agent LLCP

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Hope this helps.