Benjamin Beaver SUCCESS CALL

SAMPLE this call … listen to first 15 minutes below …

  • 194 closings per year
  • $36 million sales volume
In this call, Benjamin talks about:
  • Selling 36 homes his first year and being named the Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker nationally
  • Describing specifically what he did that first year to generate leads and business
  • Why he avoided traditional cold call prospecting
  • Lead generating with creative humorous marketing and social media engagement
  • Sharing some of his unconventional slogans that built his brand
  • Succeeding in a “big” small town market
  • Why his biggest lead source is boosting posts of video house tours on Facebook
  • How to create a professional looking video house tour, how long it should be, what should be in it, and what to avoid
  • Specific details about what text to include in your Facebook post
  • How to get engagement with likes, tags, shares, and comments
  • Why you should comment on your post first and which links you should include
  • How to use demographic targeting to lower your Facebook boosted post costs and increase the views by potential buyers of the property you are promoting
  • Creating educational videos to build your brand
  • Hosting your own YouTube channel to organize and promote your videos
  • Being available for quick response to your leads and clients
  • How he negotiated all 194 transactions last year
  • Paying licensed agents to show your buyers homes when you can’t
  • Achieving huge results without a formal CRM
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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