Chris Montalvo SUCCESS CALL

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  • 190 closings per year
  • $30 million sales volume

In this call, Chris talks about:

  • Getting his license at 18 years old after failing the exam 7 times
  • Starting in a small office with limited guidance
  • Moving to a productive office and opening his eyes to the possibilities
  • Buying his first home and renting out rooms to friends to cover the cost
  • Negotiating with a top REO agent to put Chris’ phone number on the top agent’s yard signs in exchange for a referral fee
  • Finding his niche by helping investors purchase rental properties
  • Investing his own money in distressed real estate and building cash flows
  • Personally flipping 60 homes in one year and paying big taxes
  • Building a personal portfolio of 160 home by his 30th birthday
  • His investment formula and calculation for buying rentals
  • How he finds homeowners willing to sell for 70 cents or less on the dollar
  • Why he focuses on cash flows and high cap rates
  • Working with new investors to create rental portfolios and wealth
  • His 5 whale business development strategy
  • Team dynamics, profit margins and more
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