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  • 165 closings per year
  • $60 million sales volume

In this call, Jeff talks about:

  • Going into real estate right out of high school
  • Pursuing expireds and taking 14 listing his 3rd month in the business
  • A description of his expired listing campaign
  • Perfecting his phone prospecting through training, practice, and dedication
  • The tool he uses to contact 10 homeowners per hour over the phone
  • How to get over call reluctance and start dialing for dollars
  • His morning ritual that guarantees success and a constant flow of listings
  • Achieving success by being consistent, competitive, and coachable
  • Obtaining high profit margins of 50%-60% by being a prospecting based agent
  • Selling properties in a 2nd home resort market and achieving a 10% market share
  • How to find phone numbers and email addresses for homeowners in any market and the companies he uses to do it
  • Why his new listing partner is taking 10 listings per month
  • How his lead buyer agent earned 500 thousand in one year
  • Receiving 52% of his business by repeat and referral from past clients and sphere of influence and the script he uses to train his past clients to send him referrals
  • The tool he uses to record one message and deliver mass voice mails
  • The team leader dilemma between being the player vs being the coach
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more
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