SC011: Mike Muren. The Need To Be Resilient And Adapt. Strategic Community Service. Organic SEO Strategies And Using Options To Generate Cash Flow And More Sales.

Mike Muren

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Mike Muren is with Mackintosh Realtors in Frederick, Maryland. He works the new home construction and resale markets. Last year, he closed 33 transactions with a total sales volume of 7.6 million. His average sales price was 230 thousand, of which 64% were buyers and 34% were sellers. He operated a team with 2 members: 1 realtor and 1 team leader.

Mike Muren is the team leader of The Muren Team. He has been an agent for 9 years. Mike specializes in working with builders and selling new homes. The recession took a huge chunk out of the new home market and Mike’s business suffered. He went from selling 74 homes for 31 million in 2005, to 33 homes last year. But Mike is resilient and he has been busy adapting to his new market. He is on track to close 50 plus homes this year.

Mike’s knowledge of new home sales is coming back into play as builders start building again. He believes in strategic community service. During the recession, Mike volunteered to be on his local city planning committee. There he met a builder who wanted to build a community of net zero energy green homes. This community puts as much power back into the grid as it takes out each year by using solar and geothermal power. The result is a zero energy bill for the homeowners. Now Mike is the sales manager in four states for Nexus Energy Homes and his office is hopping.

Mike discusses how to establish a relationship with a builder and how you can add value. He also talks about his organic SEO strategies and using options to generate cash flow and more sales.

2010 Stats:

  • 33 closings
  • 7.6 million sales volume
  • 230 thousand average price
  • 64% buyers and 36% sellers
  • 2 member team:
    • 1 Realtor
    • 1 team leader


  • New homes
  • Green homes

(originally published on 06/07/11)