SC069: Curtis Johnson. Internet Marketing That Converts 3-4 Times Better Than Average. 1000 Seller Leads In 90 Days From The Internet.

Curtis Johnson SUCCESS CALL

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Curtis Johnson is with Curtis Johnson Realty in Gilbert, Arizona. Last year he closed 268 transactions with a total sales volume of 48 million. His average sales price was 179 thousand of which 60% were buyers and 40% were sellers. He operated a team with 13 members: 7 buyer agents, 3 administrative assistants, 2 virtual assistants, and 1 team leader.

Curtis Johnson is the team leader of The Curtis Johnson Team. He has been an agent for 14 years. Cutis sold over 2,600 homes in his career.

In this call, Curtis talks about:

  • Selling 10 homes his first year in real estate
  • How he upped his game and sold 40 homes his second year
  • Learning leverage from Michel Gerber and The E-Myth
  • Realizing that real estate is a lead generation game
  • What he tests in his Google PPC ads to improve results and reduce costs
  • Why his internet marketing converts 3 to 4 times better than average
  • How he generated over 1,000 seller leads in 90 days from the internet
  • Why he gets 3-to-1 ROI from his radio ads
  • How he charges and earns premium prices for his premium services
  • Video listing and buyer presentations that convert
  • Why you should consider being a non-competitive team leader
  • Fast starting his new buyer agents with 50 hours of training videos
  • Gearing up for the future and bringing his staff up to 25 people
  • Plus team dynamics, profit margins, and more

2012 Stats:

  • 268 closings
  • 48 million sales volume
  • 13 member team:
    • 7 buyer agents (7 last year, 20 this year)
    • 3 administrative assistants
    • 2 virtual assistants
    • 1 team leader


  • internet leads
  • radio ads
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 11/07/13)