SC073: Paul Wheeler. Work Only Monday Through Friday 9 A.M. To 3 P.M. And Take 6-8 Weeks Off Per Year. Guaranteed Sale Program Specifics.


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Paul Wheeler is with Accent Realtors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last year he closed 248 transactions with a total sales volume of 35 million. His average sales price was 144 thousand of which 47% were buyers and 53% were sellers. Plus Paul manages 283 rental properties generating 228 thousand dollars per month in rents. He operates a team with 18 members: 6 buyer specialists, 2 listing specialists, 1 lead coordinator, 1 listing manager, 1 listing manager assistant, 1 contracts manager, 1 contracts manger assistant, 1 director of first impressions, 1 property manager, 1 maintenance manager, 1 move-in specialist, and 1 team leader.

Paul Wheeler is the team leader of the Paul Wheeler Team. He has been an agent for 21 years. He sold over 2,000 homes in his career.

In this call, Paul talks about:

  • Knowing he wanted to be self-employed at age 11
  • Buying his first rental property while attending college
  • Selling 32 homes his first year in the business and not being satisfied
  • How he only works Monday thru Friday 9 am to 3 pm, takes 6 to 8 weeks of vacation per year, and reads 2 to 4 books per week
  • Why he puts his kids in his marketing and how it helped him improve his brand
  • Exactly how his guaranteed sale program works
  • His TV, billboard, and internet lead programs including costs, pointers, and ROI
  • How he gets 55% of his business by repeat and referrals from his past clients and sphere of influence
  • His property management division structure, staff, and revenues
  • Benefits of hiring 2 listing specialists who focus all their time and effort on taking listings, including the conversion numbers you can expect
  • Building a retirement through real estate investment holding companies
  • Paul’s plan to give 100% of his profits away to charity
  • Plus team dynamics, compensation, profit margins, and more

2013 Stats:

  • 248 closings
  • 35 million sales volume
  • 18 member team:
    • 6 buyer specialists
    • 2 listing specialists
    • 1 lead coordinator
    • 1 listing manager
    • 1 listing manager assistant
    • 1 contracts manager
    • 1 contracts manger assistant
    • 1 director of first impressions
    • 1 property manager
    • 1 maintenance manager
    • 1 move-in specialist
    • 1 team leader


  • TV ads
  • billboard
  • internet leads
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence
  • property management

(originally published on 01/07/14)