SC111: Jeff Cohn. Selling 56 Homes His First Year. Shadowing 30 Top Agents. 3 Primary Lead Buckets. Self Generated Internet Leads (PPC and SEO). Zero Based Advertising Cost. Expansion Team Lessons.


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Jeff Cohn is with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Omaha, Nebraska. Last year he closed 420 transactions with a total sales volume of 72 million. His average sales price was 171 thousand of which 66% were buyers and 34% were sellers. He has a 37 member team: 25 full-time agents, 5 part-time agents, 2 showing assistants, 1 operations manager, 1 sales manager, 1 listing coordinator, 1 buyers coordinator, 1 client care specialist, 1 sign runner, 2 virtual assistants, and 1 CEO/team leader.

Jeff Cohn is the team leader of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group. He has been an agent for 9 years. He’s sold over 1,600 homes worth 288 million in his career.

In this call, Jeff talks about:

  • How he got a fast start, sold 56 homes, and earn 96 thousand his first year
  • Why he shadowed 30 top agents around the nation and what he learned
  • The 3 primary lead generation buckets every agent should focus on
  • How he zero-bases his advertising cost with market service agreements
  • Internet lead generation including both PPC and SEO strategies
  • Why 30 internet leads per month per agent is the perfect number
  • How to create a culture of accountability within your team
  • His experiment with expansion teams … what worked and what did not
  • How he generates 50% of his business by repeat & referrals from his past clients & sphere of influence
  • What is circle prospecting … and should you do it
  • The benefits of a call assistant
  • How to achieve the 7th Level … and what the 8th Level might look like
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margins and more

2014 Stats:

  • 420 closings
  • 75 million sales volume
  • 37 member team:
    • 25 full-time agents
    • 5 part-time agents
    • 2 showing assistants
    • 1 operations manager
    • 1 sales manager
    • 1 listing coordinator
    • 1 buyers coordinator
    • 1 client care specialist
    • 1 sign runner
    • 2 virtual assistants
    • 1 CEO/team leader


  • internet leads
  • circle prospecting
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 08/07/15)