SC121: Debbie Yost. How She Went From Listing 125 Homes Per Year By Herself To Setting Up A 7th Level Practice That Runs Without Her. Why Systems Are The Key To Long Term Success (Plus How To Set Systems Up).


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Debbie Yost is with Re/Max in Casa Grande, Arizona. Last year she and her team closed 251 transactions with a total sales volume of 33 million. Her average sales price was 131 thousand of which 42% were buyers and 58% were sellers. She also manages 128 rental units with 125 thousand in monthly rents. She has an 18 member team: 5 buyer specialists, 4 listing partners, 1 receptionist, 1 closing manager, 1 listing manager, 2 property managers, 1 photographer, 1 sign installer, 1 partner, and 1 team leader.

Debbie Yost is the team leader of Yost Realty Group. She has been an agent for 35 years. In her best year (2005), she sold 330 homes worth 56 million. She’s sold about 10,000 homes in her career.

In this call, Debbie talks about:

  • How she got a fast start in real estate
  • Why getting education early is so important
  • How she went from listing 125 homes per year by herself to setting up a 7th Level business that runs without her so she can travel the world
  • What systems are, why they are important, and how you set them up
  • How to create harmony in a family run business with a wife, husband, and daughter at the helm
  • Why there is no such thing as a true real estate emergency
  • How to pay for your kid’s (or grandkid’s) college … and even retirement … while they are young
  • How to prioritize and work on the highest dollar productive activities first
  • Creating happiness, loyalty, and longevity with your team members
  • How to hire the right person and what to do during the 90 day probation period
  • Why it takes 2 years for a new agent to learn the mechanics and finesse of sales
  • Team dynamics and more

2014 Stats:

  • 251 closings
  • 33 million sales volume
  • 18 member team:
    • 5 buyer specialists
    • 4 listing partners
    • 1 receptionist
    • 1 closing manager
    • 1 listing manager
    • 2 property managers
    • 1 photographer
    • 1 sign installer
    • 1 partner
    • 1 team leader


  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 01/07/16)