SC164: Chris Watters. Netting 7 Figures By His 5th Year.

Chris Watters SUCCESS CALL

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Chris Watters is with Watters International Realty in Austin, Texas. Last year he closed 427 transactions with a total sales volume of 103 million and 3.2 million in gross commission income. His average sales price was 243 thousand of which 40% were buyers and 60% were sellers.

Chris has a 20 member team: 12 buyer agents, 2 listing agents, 5 admin staff, and 1 team leader. Chris Watters is the team leader of the Watters International team. He has been an agent for 10 years.

In this call, Chris talks about:

  • His fast start as a buyer agent on a team
  • Then with very little experience, starting his own independent brokerage, building it for a year, then “burning it down” when the model did not work
  • Building a new organization from scratch based on the team model
  • Within a few short years, the new model netted a million dollars
  • Recognizing that team success is dependent on the right people being on the team
  • Finding team members that have the same core values and match the culture
  • Interviewing new agents while looking at them through your client’s eyes
  • Phone prospecting for new agents and the script he uses
  • The qualification process for new team members
  • Investigating the success trajectory of the agent applicant
  • The 30 Day Ramp Up training program for all agents new to the team
  • Realizing you cannot manage people, but you can manage standards
  • Weekly 411 accountability meetings
  • Culture, leadership, team dynamics, compensation, and more

2016 Stats:

  • 427 closings
  • 103 million sales volume
  • 20 member team:
    • 12 buyer agents
    • 2 listing agents
    • 5 admin staff
    • 1 team leader


  • team building
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence

(originally published on 10/21/17)