SC215: Scott Kato. Small 350 Person List Results In 60 Closings And 32 Million In Sales Plus How To Find A Cheap Virtual Assistant.

In this call, Scott talks about:

  • Managing music store inventory before getting into real estate.
  • Closing 14 homes his first year by hosting open houses 7 days per week.
  • The 62 Touch annual marketing plan to his small list of 350 past clients, friends, and family that resulted in 60 closings (that’s 1 in 6 people on the list resulted in a closing).
  • 4 past client appreciation party ideas including estimated costs.
  • How to find a cheap virtual assistant.
  • Starting a real estate investment company with his friend that grew into 8 million dollars in assets by purchasing foreclosures at the courthouse steps.
  • Transitioning his small team into a 7th level business that runs without him day to day.
  • Team dynamics, compensation, profit margin, and more.


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Scott Kato is with Keller Williams Realty in Long Beach, California. Last year, he and his team (Kato Group) closed 75 transactions with a total sales volume of 40 million and 750 thousand in GCI. His average sales price was 533 thousand of which 65% were buyers and 35% were sellers. In his best year (2012), Scott sold 120 homes worth 50 million and earned 1.2 million in GCI. Scott owns a team with 7 members. He has been an agent for 17 years.

2019 Stats:

  • 75 closings
  • 40 million sales volume
  • 7 member team:
    • 3 buyer agent partners
    • 1 transaction coordinator
    • 1 director of sales
    • 1 director of operations
    • 1 team owner


  • open houses
  • repeat & referrals
  • past clients
  • sphere of influence